About Us

PYP-LOGO--2018 TeePortrait Your Pet is about sharing and showing love with your pet, family, art history, and rescue shelters.

Using your smartphone, you send in your photos of your pet and Portrait Your Pet will create an original work of your pet that will shine with the masters of art history.

With Portrait Your Pet you will receive a beautiful gallery wrapped canvas made with the top premium inks and coatings that are formulated to work together to provide the highest quality, longest lasting product available with no wrinkles or indentations. Perfect corner with no bulging includes a UV protected coating to ensure color will stand the test of time longer than any other canvas prints available.

⭐️ Fine Craftsmanship (Attention to Detail and Your Feedback).

Please take the time to look around at all the other alike pet portrait shops on the market, and you will see the difference Portrait Your Pet makes. Do the colors and the lighting look and feel true? Does the head of the pet feel a little off somehow in the final image? Ask yourself will the artist blend my pet’s likeness where it feels like a painting from a “Master” painter, or just a head that was pasted on a body? You will see Portrait Your Pet excels where many fail.

⭐️ Value (A Professional Artist is working your order, and your and I make the work come to life).

I have a BFA in painting and have been working in a creative industry for over 20 years. I understand color and lighting and will make your pet look like he/she IS wearing the outfit; I take the time to make it look “real.” For the price, you are hiring a highly skilled and creative professional to create a personal keepsake of a beloved member of the family displayed on canvas that will not fade and is ready to hang right out of the box.

You and I will work together to make something great, and personal!

So let’s Portrait Your Pet! Soon you will receive a truly personal art object to hang on your walls, not just a print out from my inkjet printer, but a high-end professional grade canvas.

♥Gives Back (Together we are helping animal shelters!) ♥

⭐️ A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Stray Rescue of St Louis If you purchase a portrait of your dog: http://www.strayrescue.org

⭐️ A portion of the proceeds will be donated Tenth Life Cat Rescue of St. Louis If you purchase a portrait of your cat: http://www.tenthlifecats.org

If you purchase a portrait of any other pet you may have, it will go to both Stray Rescue and Tenth Life.

Thank you for your support,

Jordan Gaunce

Portrait Your Pet retains copyright and the right to reproduce all images created by Portrait Your Pet. You may share your Portrait Your Pet image on social media, but you are not allowed to reproduce any or all of the work for profit. Portrait Your Pet reserves the right to share its images, including all completed pet projects, on social media platforms as well as for resale. Portrait Your Pet will also reserve the right to show pet owner’s photographs in as much as they are necessary for “before and after” marketing; Portrait your Pet will not employ these images in reproduction for any other purpose. All rights reserved. Jordan Gaunce © 2018