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Your Pet in Art History, Custom Pet Portraits on Canvas.

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My goal for “Portrait Your Pet” is to share my creative talents with you and your beloved pet, and to give back to animal shelters.

Lord Gary of House Gaunce

Gary, our beloved cat, inspired me to create “Portrait Your Pet”. He was a rescue and now is an important part of our family, our fur baby! His important stature is seen in his beautiful portrait (see store profile picture). He is now Lord Gary, a unique furry gentleman, in keeping with how he probably sees himself as lord of the manner and head of the household. Because I think that shelters, rescue groups, and the humane society are so important in not only saving animals but in giving so many of us our very own fur babies, I also want a portion of the proceeds from this project to go to them and help them keep doing their wonderful work.



★★★★★ “I can’t say enough good things about Portrait Your Pet. When my best friend Wiggins passed away, I knew we needed a really special way to memorialize him in our home. Jordan went above and beyond to capture his essence on canvas. The process was really fun, and Jordan is so responsive and open to feedback and suggestions to get the final portrait just right. Also, the turnaround time was SO FAST! I couldn’t be happier with the portrait. Thank you, Jordan!!!” Sarah J.




★★★★★ “Jordan is amazing! We ordered a Portrait Your Pet for a family member and they were so happy with the final canvas. Jordan is super creative and incredibly easy to work with – and his take on unique pet portraits is spot on. I would highly recommend Portrait Your Pet as a gift to yourself, or anyone who loves their pet. I cannot recommend Jordan highly enough! ” amylrsoper



★★★★★ “Jordan’s pet portraits are fantastic. They are so much fun and he captures your pets personalities to the tee. They were everyone’s favorite Christmas gifts. I highly recommend these outstanding portraits. Carolyn ” carolynlasala1


★★★★★ “It’s amazing !!!!! I love and great quality.”LTN714BOI

Cat sRGB 18x24_300

★★★★★ “I’m completely blown away with the work Jordan did on the portrait of my cat. He picked a great background image to perfectly match her personality, and the outcome is a piece of art that might as well have been completed by the original painter. He uses a professional printer so the final product looks seamless in person, it even has hanging tabs for mounting it straight to the wall. Jordan was great to work with too; he was always quick to communicate his progress, and I couldn’t have asked for more. I would highly recommend you get your own pet portrait if you’ve got a creature that’s dear to you!” Constantino S.

Read more reviews on Portirat Your Pet store.

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